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squareGreg Maxwell / Astrophotography

This page has some photographs I've taken of objects which are thousands to millions of light-years away (as well as the sun and moon, which are much closer).

The small photographs on this page are hyperlinked to 4k versions. Hover for annotations.
See the about section at the bottom for some details on the process used to create these images.

🔗 The Pleiades reflection nebula

Outlier excluded average of 205 out of 354 30 second exposures.
Color calibrated using known spectra of stars.

Example exposure before calibration, combination, and light pollution removal, debayerd and amplified to make it more visible then converted to gamma 2.2. The nebulosity is significantly dimmer than the light pollution, but since the pollution is a relatively smooth gradient after calibration it can be removed.

🔗 Below Orion's belt

The bright star at the extreme left of the frame is Alnilam, the center star in Orion's belt.

Visible cataloged objects include NGC 2024 "Flame nebula", NGC 2023, Barnard 33 "Horsehead Nebula" (which is a shadow over IC434), NGC 1982 "Running man", and NGC 1976 "Orion Nebula". (from left to right)

Outlier excluded average of 1573 out of 2359 5 second exposures.

This simulated wide-angle image that shows the approximate framing and field of view of this photograph.

🔗 IC410 Tadpoles nebula

🔗 IC405 Flaming Star Nebula

🔗 Nebula in Auriga near IC410

The above two are crops from this wider image which includes several nebula: IC410, IC405, IC417 (Spider nebula, feel free to write the Wikipedia article), and NGC 1931. Also visible are the clusters NGC 1960, NGC 1907 and NGC 1912.

🔗 Busy region around S Monocerotis

Visible cataloged objects include the "cone nebula" (somewhat left of center), "fox fur nebula" (below S Monocerotis), and the NGC 2261 "Hubble's variable nebula" (bright swoosh 5/8ths down on the left).

🔗 NGC 5457 "Pinwheel" galaxy

The peculiar dwarf galaxy NGC 5474 is also visible off to the left as well as several other galaxies spread around the field.

🔗 NGC 2244 "Rosette Nebula"

Another picture

🔗 Andromeda Galaxy

🔗 Virgo galactic cluster

Checkout the large annotated version and, in particular, 357 Ninina (annotated in orange).

🔗 M87 Jet

Detail from above image with exposure adjusted to show the relativistic jet believed to be ejected from a supermassive black hole at the center of M87.

🔗 Moon

🔗 Sun

Some small sunspots are visible in the full resolution version.